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Our History

Montactical began in Great Falls, Montana in the spring of 2008 when a couple of artistic firearm enthusiasts coupled their talents and interests. What started as a small gun coating operation on days off from fire departments, ambulances, and military assignments grew into a fully operational, professionally licensed firearm refinishing shop, and successful YouTube channel.  The business eventually made a temporary move to Las Vegas Nevada occupying over 1800 Sq Ft of shop space minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip.  In the spring of 2017, after a wonderful and successful stint in Las Vegas, Montactical relocated home to Central Montana.  The move gave the company the opportunity to restructure yet again.  Today Montactical focuses on product evaluation/ testing/ & development, media creation/ product marketing/ & networking, gun building/ smithing/ & refinishing, and is home to Montactical’s many entrepreneurial endeavors including Freedom Stencils and Border Pine Industries.

About Our Name

The name, “Montactical” is a compilation of the words, “Montana” and “Tactical” which was the name we unofficially started under.  Montana being our home and roots, which is a very important part of who we are, and tactical, meaning carefully planned actions and spotlighting the industry we aim to serve.  Over time, the two words morphed into what it is today.

About Our Logo

Our Logo is a late 1800’s Vigilante wielding a period appropriate six gun in his shooting hand, an AR15 in his left hand, and a self defense shotgun on his back.  The modern firearms symbolize the Vigilante’s existence today.  A bandanna covers the lower half of the Vigilantes face concealing his identity.  This indicates the idea that the Vigilantes can be anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  The Vigilante stands for equality, freedom, and justice while paying respect to the Vigilance Committee of 1864 in Virginia City, Montana.

“Die With Your Boots On.”

The phrase, “Die With Your Boots On”, comes from frontier towns of the American West.  It refers to dying active, or being a fighter.  A person who dies with their boots on keeps working to the end as in, “he’ll never quit, he’ll die with his boots on!”