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My Firearm and/or Pattern isn’t listed in the options?

We currently only offer our refinishing services for the models and patterns listed.  This is to streamline our process and allow us to maintain our high quality standards in an appropriately expedient timeline.  As we get on our feet more in the new shop, we may entertain additional options.

What is Phosphating/ Parkerizing?

“Parkerizing”, is a method of firearm refinishing to protect metal parts and surfaces from corrosion and increase wear resistance through a process of Phosphate etching that produces a hard matte or dull finish that is very durable, anti reflective, and has excellent oil holding properties.  Parkerizing is for most “gun metals” but will not work on stainless steels or aluminum.  Parkerized surfaces have a “sponge-like” structure that traps oil very well producing a corrosion resistive surface that is excellent for high humidity environments.  Parkerized surfaces make the perfect base for high end firearm finishes.

What coating product do you use?

We currently stock and regularly use the following coatings; DuraCoat, Cerakote, KG Gunkote, and Moly Resin.  For most projects, we prefer to use DuraCoat.

How durable is the finish?  Does the coating wear off?

No coating is made of armor, so yes, it can be worn.  That said, our application process coupled with the high end finishes we use which are specifically designed for use on firearms makes compromising its durability a heck of a challenge.

Turnaround Time?

Our turnaround time is generally 2-3 weeks.

“Compliant Parts”

Don’t send us your bullet buttons, etc.  We don’t want them, and will not work on them.  Items such as this are against our moral fiber.

There were three types of people in the Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773.  There were tyrants, easily identifiable by there red coats.  There were patriots, easily identifiable because they were pushing crates of perfectly good tea in the harbor while staring the tyrants in the face and challenging them to do something about it.  And there was vermin, hiding in the shadows watching it all unfold and waiting for the dust to settle to see who emerged victorious so they could align themselves with the winning side.

We only work with one of these three.